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Who wouldn’t want a beautiful green lawn in front and backyard? However, the initial charges and upkeep of the grass are not in everyone’s budget.  Installing artificial turf may be a wiser choice.

Gunner’s Landscape can do everything, from selecting the right grass type to delivering quality turf, underlay, and the right fertilizer. Our knowledgeable and professional service will assist you in getting the finest lawn possible.

Though some people have found turf setup to be a small task, others simply do not have the time. Gunner’s Landscape can assist you if you want a new lawn without the complications of measuring, making preparations to the ground, spreading the underlay, and laying the turf. We provide the perfect turf installation and laying services available.

Our fully certified turf growers can stay on top of it for you. Depending on the location they can:

At Gunner’s Landscape, we provide premium quality turf rolls in a wide range of variations to meet the needs of all customers. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality turf for all kinds of projects, big or small, which has also allowed us to become one of Australia’s leading turf providers. Regardless of whether you simply need turf supplied or/and installed, our well-trained staff will complete the process to perfection.

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So, do you want to get your new lawn started right? Get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest.