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Are you looking forward to installing artificial turf in Sydney, but the significant number of manufacturers and variety confuses you? This article will answer most of your queries if that’s the case. So, if you firmly believe that artificial grass has more benefits and less hassle, keep reading to know more.  

As more people love the concept of fake turf, multiple manufacturers have introduced their variety. Once you’ve installed artificial grass on your lawn, there will be some simple attributes that need your attention. There can be several ways to choose the perfect artificial grass that suits you best.  

Well, don’t worry; this ultimate guide has covered all these aspects in detail. So, just scroll down and read the whole information attentively.  

Tips For Choosing The Most Appropriate Artificial Grass: 

For What Purpose Your Artificial Lawn Will Be Used: 

The first question that you should ask yourself or your family is what your artificial lawn will be used. Well, the question is vital in selecting the most suitable artificial turf. Let us tell you how. 

Various artificial grass carpets are available in online and offline markets. They all are manufactured using different materials, plastics. The difference in the material contributes to their strength and weakness. Some of these artificial grass carpets are made up of nylon, which gives more stiffness and hardness to the grass strand. But, some are made of polyethene or polypropylene. The grass carpet of polyethene is much soft or weak compared to the nylon ones.  

However, the material of strands also plays a significant role in their pricing. Nylon-made artificial grass is more expensive than other materials. Therefore, if your lawn has less foot traffic, we recommend not spending much on it. If your family loves to spend more time in nature and the property has heavy foot traffic every day, then nylon is perfect for you.  

Lawns are generally used to enhace the aesthetic appeal of the property, to host events, as play areas for the kids, as a place for pets, or for all these activities and more. The kind of artificial turf you use depends on the usage of the area. Turf made from nylon is great for frequently used lawns, while areas that are not used as often can be made from other types of materials.  

Choose Your Aesthetics: 

Most users opting for artificial grass to enhance the visual aesthetics of our property with low maintenance. Therefore, going for the most natural-looking artificial turf is essential before spending dollars. Here are some easy ways to help you choose natural-looking fake turf.  

  1. Pile Height: 

We recommend choosing a pile height between 30 and 38mm for the most natural-looking artificial lawn. Going for the strands bigger than this would not look natural as the fibre strands will bend down due to their weight.  

  1. Pile Density: 

Pile density is essential while installing artificial turf in Sydney. The greater the pile density, the greener and lush the lawn look. For the most used lawns, you can choose pile density between 16,500 – 18,000. However, 13,000-15,000 are for the properties that bear less foot traffic. 

  1. Colour Choice: 

Colour choice is mainly a personal taste. You will find an array of green shades available in artificial grass. If you feel the internet can trick you, don’t fall for it. Many manufacturers provide free sample pieces that you can choose from. Most importantly, selecting your turf’s colour according to the lighting conditions is essential. For instance, the same shade tends to look darker indoors while natural and bright in direct sunlight.  

 You can simply put different samples in your house to see how they will turn out after spreading. The shade that gives lush green reflection in sunlight would be the perfect shade for your outdoor turf installation.  

Manufacturers Warranty: 

Here’s an additional tip for you! It is imperative to look out for validations and a warranty from the manufacturer. Undoubtedly, the more extended the contract, the more durable the product is. However, having a warranty against UV stability, fibre loss, and colour fading would be a plus point from the manufacturer.  

So, these are some tips that will help you in selecting the most suitable artificial turf for your lawns, gardens, and balconies. You can also look out for quality material before investing in any material. Make sure the synthetic grass material is fire resistant, mainly the one for your lawns, backyard, and front yards. Additionally, ask the manufacturer whether the material is tested for harmful substances or not. Check out the claim regarding quality, as it’s a matter of precious lives.  

Final Words: 

Installing artificial turf in Sydney is the most convenient way to enhance your property’s curb appeal and aesthetics. However, one can quickly get confused with the multiple varieties of fake grass on the market. Therefore, we’ve mentioned an ultimate guide to help you with the best selection.  

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.  


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