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How a synthetic lawn is installed?

Every homeowner dreams of having a lush green front and backyard. Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires little to no maintenance, is relatively simple to install, and maintains a rich green color all year. It fulfills all of the requirements. So, what else would you require to install synthetic lawn in your own home? 

Let us look at the tools you will need and then follow the steps of synthetic lawn installation in Sydney.

Clean up the base:

Initially, it is required to clean up the base. Remove any rocks, debris, or sprinklers that could obstruct the synthetic lawn installation. Grab your shovel and begin excavating the extra soil you will not be using. Dig to a depth of 70 to 80 millimeters. This is the area where the artificial turf will be laid out. It is time to grab your rake and level the base once you have excavated the area to the proper depth and size. Make sure it is smooth, as large chunks can cause issues during the installation process.

Lay the perfect base:

The next step in the synthetic lawn installation in Sydney is to lay the perfect foundation. It is best to use finely crushed rock as the artificial turf’s foundation. Spread the crushed rock base evenly. To lay the sub-base as flat as possible, use a rake. It is time to compact the base with a compactor once you have decided it is good enough. The best tool for the job is a vibrating plate. Apply a light mist of water to the crushed rock and compact until the wet base is firm. Make sure to measure everything once you have impacted the crushed rock because the ideal depth for an artificial grass sub-base is around 15mm to 20mm. Any deeper will make the synthetic lawn appear sunken in the ground, while any higher will give it an elevated and unnatural appearance.

Layout the synthetic turf:

Now, it is time to layout the synthetic turf after you have impacted the base. Cut through the turf with a sharp utility knife. Clean cuts will guarantee proper joining and make the job much easier. If the blades become dull, replace them immediately. Remove any strips that may be covering an adhesive material. Further, always lay the individual pieces of synthetic turf in the same direction. You will be able to ensure a perfect fit this way.

Final adjustments:

The proper joining of the separate pieces is one of the most important steps in making the synthetic lawn look real. Make sure the turf pieces are as close together as possible. They mustn’t touch or overlap. It is time to walk around the turf’s edges and trim any pieces that are protruding out of the desired place now that the pieces are joined and comfortably sitting in their bed.


A synthetic lawn installation in Sydney requires a significant initial investment and some old-fashioned hard work, but once installed, you will have little to no maintenance costs and can enjoy a lush green turf all year.