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Laying Astro Turf perfectly in Sydney

Sydney is the ideal all-purpose grass; it checks all the boxes without breaking the wallet. Look no further if you want a gentle grass that appears genuine.

We provide installation tools for hire to assist make your DIY grass installation seem just as nice as what the experts do! Our compactor and power brooms for hire will assist you in achieving the flawless installation of our artificial grass; call us immediately to learn more or to rent!

Let’s look at some of the processes:

Identify the installation site.
Laying Astro Turf Sydney perfectly requires that you remove any existing weeds, grass, or additional soil before laying your artificial turf. When cleaning the space, make sure to allow for at least 60mm of depth. A thicker metal dust base (60mm – 70mm is ideal) can be used to make a stronger basis. If the artificial grass is to be used for parking, the base must be at least 150mm thick.

Use the stone aggregate
Once the area has been cleaned, use a rake to level up the stones before applying the stone aggregate. Screed the aggregate until it is level to ensure appropriate drainage, then sprinkle water on it and compact it until it is solid and even.

Make a note of the seam’s position.

Before pulling back the grass surface to reveal 30cm of crushed aggregate. Roll the join tape down the seam before applying glue and laying the pieces together. Apply pressure to the seam to ensure it is securely joined.

Protect your turf.

Put one 25cm spike in each corner. Along the margins, place at least one long nail or U-shaped pin every 30 cm. To secure the junction, use one long nail or U-shaped pin every 20 cm on both sides of the joint.


Smooth out the sands and seal the lawn with a speed broom or lawn brush. Depending on the kind of artificial turf, we propose a white sand infill of 5 to 15kg per square meter. Because our products have a high density, no rubber granules or extra sand are necessary.

Commercial landscaping tasks, rooftop spaces, artificial turf installation for sports fields, schools, and other commercial uses will necessitate our skilled installation services to guarantee that the effort done with Laying Astro Turf Sydney is accurate and effective.

Our skilled crew in Sydney is thoroughly qualified to not only provide a smooth installation of your artificial grass, but also to ensure that your new investment looks and functions as expected.