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A guide to Astro Turf Installation in Sydney

If you are unsure about putting the grass yourself or if your installation area is more than 25sqm, we strongly advise you to hire us. Massive installations may be exceedingly labor-intensive and frequently necessitate the use of specialized talents.

But if you have decided to DIY then this guide is for you!

Following these procedures to install your astro turf to provide yourself with gorgeous, lush, and perfect lawns for years to come.

Make the foundation.

Dig up to a depth of 80mm in the region. Compact the crushed rock/road base with a vibrating plate after it has been laid down for 80mm. When compacted, the crushed rock/road foundation level should be 15-20mm below the “final height” of the adjacent white line.

Cut to size

Lay your artificial grass, starting from one edge and working your way out. Using a sharp Stanley knife, cut the overhanging amounts. Take off the “salvage” or black strip on both sides of the grass. This cannot be utilized to connect with the grass.

Seams should be glued together.

When connecting rolls of grass, apply Everseal adhesive tape along the seams. Place the silver backing of the tape on the crushed rock/base, white side up. Place the two pieces of grass on the tape, with each edge evenly spaced in the center. We make sure that when doing the Astro Turf Installation Sydney, once the grass has been attached, remember to apply pressure to the seams to achieve effective adherence.

Keep in place

After you’ve finished covering the whole area, nail all of the perimeters down at 500mm intervals with flat head nails or landscape pegs.

Take care of your lawn.
Top dress the grass with a uniform dispersion of dry silica sand fill to a depth of 15-20mm using a sand spreader. At this point, a yard broom may be used to sweep in the sand uniformly while also brushing the grass blades straight.

What’s the take?

You may be contemplating installing an AstroTurf if you want to drought-proof your backyard, change an area where grass refuses to grow, or just can’t tolerate mowing the lawn.

While having a pristine lawn without mowing, watering, or fertilizing may seem desirable, there are some drawbacks to simulating it.

We always recommend Gunner’s Landscape as your professional Astro Turf Installation expert in Sydney to get the job done easily.