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Astro turf is a versatile material that can be used for multiple purposes. ​ If you are good with your tools, and mindful of your resources, efforts and time then you ​can easily do an astro turf installation in Sydney. ​I​​     ​t is an awesome feeling to accomplish something on your own. Here is your handy DIY guide to installing astro turf; follow it and soon you will be looking at a lush astro turf lawn. 


Plan out the area to be covered before starting your project. Calculate the width and length of the area to cover with astro turf. Consider any joins you may need to have. Next, gather the tools and materials that you will need to install your astro turf. These will include a tape measure, hammer, nails, joining tape, turf cutter etc. 

Clear the Area 

If it is a relatively small area being fitted with astro turf, this can be done by hand. However, to remove the existing turf and soil for larger areas, use a mechanical turf cutter. 

​​Remove the top layer of your lawn and base along with any existing materials. It is recommended to have a dump trailer onsite.  Moving forward, relocate sprinklers, add any required drainage, and modify existing irrigation lines.  Cover sprinklers that are not in use to avoid water leakage between the base and the turf layer. Backfill and mark the location of sprinklers to avoid depressions in the turf. ​​​ 

You must remember to never build your base layer on topsoil. Move wiring and electrical sprinklers away from the edges of the area by ½ foot to avoid accidental damage to the electrical system when securing the turf with nails later on. Install the bender board to provide a clean line of separation for the plants or bed during astro turf installation in Sydney

Compact the ground and Lay the Base 

​​Use a roller or a vibrating plate to compact the ground to prepare the ground for the base. You can hire the pieces of equipment from hire centres at low rates. Using planks can be a cheaper alternative, however. Next, apply a road base over the area creating a level platform with proper drainage. Wet the existing base to allow for proper settling and to moisten the base if dry sand is used.​​​ 

​​     ​Compact the ground again by rolling and tamping the gravel. Compacting the ground provides a base to drive the nails in during the astro turf installation in Sydney. Proper base distribution and levelling are also important to account for sloping towards the installed drainage area.  

Apply Weed Membrane 

After the ground has been compacted after installing a sub-base, lay a sheet of weed membrane over the area. Not installing a membrane when laying the turf can, later on, spoil its look as weeds start to push their way through it. Secure the weed membrane with nails every ¾ meter near the perimeter. Cut any edges lying outside of the required area and use gaffer tape to join any overlapping parts. 

Lay the Astro Turf  

​​Spread your turf underlay over the area and then, on top of that, lay your astro turf being careful not to disturb the weed membrane. Make sure the turf faces the same way if you have any joins. It is recommended to have your astro turf face towards your house. ​​​

​​you can ​also ​choose to fit a turf edging before rolling out the turf. Keep the edging height lower than the final turf height to allow for water runoff. Put the performance pad between the underlay and the turf, if you are using one. To prevent the astro turf from wrinkling and creasing, let it settle for a minimum of 3 hours. 

Join, Trim and Pin 

Use high-quality tape and glue to compose the joins of your grass followed by the application of weights. Cut and trim the excessive turf however ensure that the cut is neat and cut the turf lesser as it can always be trimmed later. Ideally, you should over-cut the turf by one inch along the edges. Next, hide the edges of the astro turf against any hardscape border using a metal bar. Pin the astro turf down using landscaping pins to prevent the sheet from moving. Refrain from driving the nails too deep as it causes dimples in the sheet. 

Brush the Turf 

To finish, apply kiln sand to the turf. Spread the granules evenly throughout the turf. Brush the turf against the grain to make the strands stand.  Add durafill sand next which gives the turf more weight and prevents degradation. Rinse the turf properly to get rid of any remaining dust. Lastly, sit back and enjoy your astro turf lawn. 


Following the aforementioned steps for the installation will ensure that your astro turf will have a smooth level appearance, creating a pristine-looking yard. Make sure to properly layer the sheets as it directly impacts the appearance, performance, and life span of your astro turf. 

Astro turf is complicated to install and even routine fixes often require professional help. Hence, homeowners must have professional commercial and residential landscapers handle the astro turf installation in Sydney. You can call in to get a free quote today. 0450 929 981. Or email us with your questions at gunnerslandscapes@gmail.com. You can contact Gunners Landscaping today to ask any questions you might have about our service.           

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