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Artificial Grass laying in Sydney – A guide

When setting down fake grass, you will create a brilliant ambiance to your landscape, bringing it to life. However, many residents in Sydney have difficulty with artificial grass laying in their homes. 

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve created a step-by-step process to teach you how to accomplish it.

Take measurements of your available space.

To ensure you get the correct amount of synthetic grass, measure the area. It is also critical that the site on which you intend to put the turf is nice and flat. Laying grass is a two-person operation, therefore enlist the assistance of another person for this task.

Put out the carpet and trim it.

Roll out the grass till you reach the end of the space, beginning at the edge. Cut the grass somewhat longer than necessary with the utility knife; you may trim it to size afterward. Check that the turf is smooth and hardened against the garden’s edges. Then, using your utility knife, trim it to size.

Mow the turf

Beginning at the grass’s edge, hammer the pegs into the ground, taking care not to catch the turf beneath the pegs. Pegs should be spaced equally around the edge, 200-300mm apart. When hammering in the pegs at the turf’s ends, don’t go more than halfway. To perform your join, you must be able to fold the grass back.

The second length is rolled out.

Roll out the second length of grass after pegging in the first. For perfect Artificial Grass Laying, Sydney cut the grass longer than necessary with the utility knife; you will trim it to size afterward.

Maneuver around an impediment

To cut around an object like a tree, measure the overlap and mark it on the lawn. Cut the lawn that far, then drag it around the tree and butt it together on both sides. Then, cut along the tree’s edge. If you don’t have a boundary to cut along, use a straightedge and a knife.

Using an adhesive strip, connect the synthetic grass.

On top of the grass, roll out the adhesive joining tape and trim it to size. Fold back the edges of both turf pieces where they will be attached. Remove the adhesive tape’s backing paper. Half of the tape should be placed under the edge of the first piece of grass you lay. Press down the length of the grass to ensure it adheres to the adhesive tape.

Preserve the turf while making it appear more realistic.

Keep spreading, trimming, connecting, and snagging the grass until the space is completely covered. Spread white sand evenly over the turf with a broom or the back of a rake. This will assist in protecting the lawn from UV radiation. For every square meter, 10-15 kg of sand is required. After you’ve laid down a layer of white sand on the turf, evenly distribute the green sand on top. This will give the lawn a more realistic appearance.

Hire a professional Artificial Grass Laying team in Sydney to protect yourself from all the hassle.