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Artificial vertical gardens have recently become a popular choice among many interior designers to ramp up a commercial property due to the many incredible ways they can be used such as enhancing the beauty of indoor spaces, utilizing empty walls to eliminate boredom, and improving the outlook of a commercial estate. We understand that it can be a daunting and time taking task to research it hence, we have already done it for you. So don’t worry, read the article below and get to know about the benefits of synthetic vertical garden walls in commercial spaces. 

  1. Easy installation process 

In this busy and fast-moving world, where time is of the essence everyone wants quick and easy solutions. Therefore, it is optimal for you to hang artificial turf on any wall, be it indoors or outdoors. Artificial vertical gardens are a great way to add a touch of greenery to your office area without any trouble or hassle. Hence, if you’re in search of an easy, low-maintenance choice, then synthetic lawn installers in Sydney advise you that artificial vertical gardens are your way to go!  

  • Helps in Sound Proofing  

Synthetic turf is a natural sound barrier. Thus, installing it in offices or meeting rooms can help block out the noise of lower frequencies that tend to irritate. Moreover, it also provides thermal insulation during the winter season, keeping the commercial space warm so the employees can work easily. 

  • Pocket friendly  

Artificial vertical gardens tend to tilt towards the cheaper side of the equilibrium when it comes to available grass options in the market. It is generally a fraction of the cost compared to the natural ones. The price range usually varies depending on many factors however, Gunners promises its customers the most affordable rates that can be found among synthetic installers in Sydney

  • Evergreen and Long-lasting 

One of the major benefits of artificial grass is that it remains luscious for a long period and has little to no fading properties. Additionally, it is even UV stabilized and hence can be placed in sunlight as well. 

  • Soothing to look at 

The aesthetics of a place play a vital role in making an impression. For this reason, synthetic grass is used for décor purposes as the color green has been shown to reduce eye strain. Furthermore, artificial vertical gardens are extremely visually appealing and help your eyes relax. That being the case, the easiest way to add a pop of color to your space is by using an artificial turf wall. Visit our website today to learn more. 

  • Minimum Maintenance  

In comparison to artificial grass, natural ones need the specific requirements of watering, fertilization, proper source of sunlight, humidity, and temperature control. Accordingly, faux greenery wall has no such special requirements and thus, is the most recommended feature for corporate zones by organizations that are synthetic lawn installers in Sydney.  

  • Fire-resistant in nature 

Artificial plants have the quality of being fire-resistant. If not then, we at Gunners ensure to offer you the kind of leaves that have been coated with such chemicals that make the material flame retardant. This makes these plants suitable for commercial kitchens as well. Fire retardant chemicals comply with the local, national and international standards set by the Australian authority, so rest assured that it won’t cause a fire to spread like wildfire. 

  • Has an unlimited variety  

One of the best parts about a faux vertical garden is that it comes in multiple options for you to choose from and any combination of leaves, branches, and flowers can be customized according to your liking. On one hand, a live grass wall requires you to wait for many weeks before the plants start to flourish as it needs favorable conditions to grow. On the other side, an artificial grass wall is ready to make a statement from the start. 

Research has shown that incorporating greenery tends to reduce stress, improve one’s cognitive function and increase motivation level. All these qualities are essential to a workplace therefore you should dive deep and think about this as an option. 

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