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Have you decided to install artificial turf on the concrete surface around your house but not finding good ways? If yes, this guide will help you learn various unique ideas to make your neighbours rave about your decor.  

However, the debate of synthetic grass vs natural grass is so controversial that some of you might favour the idea while others may object. Yet, we understand your concern and do not ask our customers to replace natural grass with synthetic grass. But you can use it for some parts around your house.  

So, if you want to make the concrete surfaces around your house look unique and aesthetic, keep reading this guide on turf installation Sydney.  

Can I Install Artificial Grass on Concrete? 

The best answer to this question is tricky, but not a NO. You can install the turf on concrete as long as the concrete has proper drain maintenance. However, it should be done before the turf installation to avoid further problems if it does not have a drain system.  

DIY Ideas to Install Turf on Concrete Surface: 

  1. Add Some Greens to Your Driveways: 

Driveways are the most critical areas to grow grass or plants as heavy vehicles’ weight always crushes them under their wheels. On the other hand, if you’ve already grown natural grass around the parking strips, it becomes difficult to maintain or rinse, just like the lawn. Therefore, if you want an equally lush green lawn, you can add synthetic grass to the parking lines.  

On the other hand, you can similarly add these turf across the passers-by area outdoors, which helps in creating an illusion of a straight path while moving your car outdoors or indoors. 

  • Fill In the Narrow Sides of The Yards: 

If your yard is narrow and has less space that bears a lot of foot traffic, installing turf to the one-third part width would enhance the dull look. Unlike natural grass, turf can easily handle heavy traffic and does not require water and soil maintenance hassles in narrow areas.  

Similarly, you can apply this idea to your concrete balcony too. At the same time you can add some elements like a cute coffee table or bookshelf. The synthetic grass will give you a natural vibe every morning with your favourite view.  

  • Addition of Synthetic Turf Between the Pavers: 

You can also use turf installation Sydney to replace the grass growing between the concrete pavers. Maintaining the natural grass around the tiny area requires a lot of hassle and does look messy if not kept for a long time. The best way to avoid this situation is to install a small segment of artificial turf in the areas. These turfs do not grow and give you a greener look with low or no maintenance.  

  • Get A Comfy Play Area for Your Pets or Kids: 

If you have more concrete than grass in your front or back yard, installing artificial turf carpets in small spaces would be great. You can use this idea for your pet or kids by providing them a greener and more comfy play area. Synthetic turf uses laying foam or infills that gives it cushioning just like an expensive carpet; therefore, it becomes a safe surface for anyone to play, run or jump.  

So, which of these ideas fascinates you to install turf on the concrete surface around your house?  

What Are the Benefits of Installing Turf on Concrete? 

There are various benefits of installing turf on concrete. When it comes to the comparison of natural grass vs synthetic grass, people usually opt for synthetic ones for their outdoor spaces. Some of the expected benefits are: 

  • Stays green all year round.  
  • Require no irrigation or low maintenance to look healthy.  
  • It can be installed in any part of the house.  
  • The only cost is grass which means no lawn mowers or pesticide hassle. 
  • Bear heavy foot traffic without bending.  
  • Do not turn pale due to pet waste.  
  • Easy to clean and maintain.  

Some Tips You Should Know Before Installing the Artificial Turf on Concrete: 

Artificialturf installation Sydney on concrete is not as easy as it sounds; you would require professional tips to help you get the smooth process. For instance, always install artificial turf with good cushioning over the concrete to help you get a more comfortable and fun area to play with your kids or pets.  

Secondly, if you don’t want to remove your concrete surface before installing the turf, you can ask your installer how to get the accurate functioning turf with the concrete surface.  

Additionally, do not forget to inspect the concrete drain system before laying the turf on it for a faster and quicker process. If you doubt the drain system, ensure to get it done before prepping for turf installation.  

Final Verdict: 

So, these are some great ideas you can use forturf installation Sydney on concrete surfaces. Concrete is a hard surface that requires proper structure and cushioning before laying any turf. However, we always recommend getting good quality turf that gives you a lasting green look all year round and requires low maintenance in all seasons.  

On the other hand, in this informative piece, we’ve shared some essential tips and tricks you should know before installing synthetic grass on concrete surfaces. So, if you’ve come so far, leave us your thoughts and queries below.  

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